Fall Conservation Tips

Rain Barrels


Rain Barrels collect runoff from roofs and provide free, untreated water for garden use. They are also helpful tools in minimizing damage and flooding from storm water runoff. Local garden centers and home improvement stores sell rain barrels or you could build your own!

Fall is for Planting


Increased amounts of rainfall and cooler temperatures in the fall provide plants the perfect environment to develop. Save water, your beautiful plants AND money!

Lower Temperatures


  Water pipe insulation is a good DIY project that can protect your home from costly water breaks, if done correctly and maintained after installation.

Any pipes in unheated parts of your home and outside should be insulated during colder months.

Fall Grass Lawn Fertilizer


A mulching mower shreds leaves into tiny flakes that settle into the fall grass and decompose into natural fertilizer. You might have to go over some areas two or three times to completely chop up the leaves. Still, it’s fast and easy and it makes the grass happy. 

Love your Lawn


It may look sad but your grass is essentially hibernating!

Let your lawn go dormant (brown) during the winter. Dormant grass only needs to be watered every three to four weeks, less if it rains. 

What’s your water footprint?


This calculator helps you estimate your total water use. You know water comes from the tap, but do you know how much water goes into your sandwich? Your gadgets? The electricity that powers them? Soon you will!