3/13/20 SBA will not be taking walk-in payments for the foreseeable future


How Do Wastewater Treatment Plants Work?

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Wet Wipes Box Says Flush. New York’s Sewer System Says Don’t

 "​Some of the products are branded "flushable"- a characterization contested  by wastewater officials and plaintiffs bringing class- action lawsuits against wipes manufacturers for upending their plumbing."   By MATT FLEGENHEIMER  NEW YORK TIMES  MARCH 13, 2015

Huge Blobs of Fat and Trash Are Filling the World’s Sewers


 "First, someone might pour molten turkey fat down a drain. A few blocks away, someone else might flush a wet wipe down a toilet. When the two meet in a dank sewer pipe, a baby fatberg is born."     By Erika Engelhaupt 

National Geographic   August 16,2017

Why "Flushable" Wipes shouldn't be flushed